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      Are you interested in becoming a HumbleFish Project Brand Ambassador? ✨

      Perks of Becoming a HumbleFish Project Brand Ambassador? 

      • 1 free product when you start, and another free gift for each campaign. 🎁
      • 20% off discount code for friends and family. 
      • Exclusive ambassador discounts. 😎
      • Early access to new product drops. 
      • Free gear throughout the year. 🎉
      • Your content featured on our social media pages and website.
      • Exclusive access to the ambassador community Instagram page. 
      • Your input on new products, colors, names and more. ❤️


      Ambassador Reward Tier

      Level 1: Guppy 🐟

      When your personal discount code is used 5 times, you will receive a mystery bracelet and sticker pack. 

      Level 2: Rainbow Fish 🌈

      When your personal discount code is used 10 times, you will receive a free stack. Three bracelets of your choice. 

      Level 3: Angel Fish 🐠

      When your personal discount code is used 20+ times, you will receive a $100 online shopping spree to the HumbleFish Project.


      ⭐️ What is Ambassador of the Month? ⭐️

      Every ambassador has the opportunity to win Ambassador of the Month. The HumbleFish Project will feature you exclusively on our Instagram feed, stories, Facebook and email. Whoever has the most used discount codes for the month will win. This is just a little way of showing our appreciation to our best ambassadors. 


      Your responsibilities as a HumbleFish Project ambassador include:

      • Being a part of our mission to give back and to help make a difference in the international orphan crisis. ❤️
      • Sharing your HumbleFish Project personal discount code with friends and family.
      • Tagging HumbleFish Project at least once a month on a post that shows you doing something fun/active/ creative while wearing your HumbleFish Project jewelry. (The more you tag us, the more likely you will be featured 😊) 


      How to become a HumbleFish Project Ambassador (its really easy!)

      1. Fill out the application below. ⬇️

      2. Follow us on both Instagram and Facebook. 😋